.. kawaii pin/brooch ..

alrite,utk entry yg kali ni,wany ade jual mende2 cute coz nk wat anda sume rase lebey comel n ala2 girly gitu..huhu;p..wat adek2 yg maseh skolah or study lg,bole gunekan kawaii pin/brooch ni kat beg skolah or pape je...plus,bole digantikan dgn brooch bling2 yg kite salu pin kan kat shawl kite tu..
grab it,mura je harge die..

price : RM 2 EACH
promotion : buy 5,get 1 free :D


from top left,

turtle : K 01[SOLD(fatynx)]
mushruum : K 02[SOLD(chazz)]
eskem : K 03[SOLD(chazz)]
apple : K 04[SOLD]
pink coke : K 05[SOLD(fatynx)]
bow : K 06[SOLD]
girly girl : K 07 [SOLD(hazzi)]
moo-moo : K 08[SOLD]


from top left,

breadman : K 09[SOLD(fatynx)]
donkey : K 10[SOLD(fatynx)]
ladybird : K 11[SOLD(chazz)]
shinchan : K 12[SOLD]
pink christmas tree : K 13[SOLD(fatynx)]
blue duck : K 14[SOLD]


from top left,

snails : K 15[SOLD(chazz)]
umbrella : K 16[SOLD(fatynx)]
love lollypop : K 17[SOLD(chazz)]
bear : K 18[SOLD(chazz)]
hello kitty : K 19[SOLD]
purple cute fish: K 20[SOLD]

P/S : utk mane2 yg dah SOLD,i bole restock the pin as u requested...or tuka the color of the item...do inform me by mail or kat chatbox taw :D..


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