apologise :(

p/s: i'm on my way to change a new layout and contruct a user friendly blogshop just for u,mont cherrians and peeps \m/^.^\m/


assalamualaikum everyone...
how was your eid adha celebration??
mine was bless and awesome until i gain more n more weight *sigh* :(

yes..yes...yes... i know its MY MISTAKES buat this blogshop terabai,
been ignoring all ur mails and enquiries...

i nak mintak maaf sangat2,banyak2 sangat sangat sangattt...
i've been soo sooo bee-zee with hols and in process continuing my studies..
oh btw,starting this 14 Dec 2009,this blogshop and email will be monitored by me(wani)...
n i bole reply ur mail ONLY on nyte taw...
tp dont worry,if ade mase terluang,i tak akan hampakan awak semua taw...
i cube reply cepat *wink*
n delivering process will be done by my lovely share partner,sis jaja...
so kalau ade ape2 berhubung delivering process,awak2 semua bole tny sis jaja taw...
nk tanye i pun bole,tp kene bersabar if i lambat response 

oh lagi 1,1st time i membebel panjang mcm ni..
sian awak semua kene bace..heee..
to my customer yg DAH wt payment,tp still BELOM terima ur parcel lg,
kindly please mail me ur:
- name
-amount of payment
-which bank do u transfer(maybank/bimb)
-date of payment

anddd lastly,
here a good news fer ya...

i WILL UPDATES u all with tiny n colourful hijabs 
and some Year End Sales(YES) * yeay!*
so stay tuned with us...
thanks soo mush everyone for ur support!

warm regards n lots of love from me,
wani taj

lovely reviewer

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